Archive of Real Socialism — Tbilisi

Archive of Real Socialism — Tbilisi

Ubani Tbilisi Cityscape Research Center and TU Wien (Department of Gestaltungslehre and Design), with the Georgian Technical University (Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism, and Design), organise a field trip that aims to study the socialist past of Tbilisi. Selected locations include the former VDNKH exhibition space (Expo Georgia), Akademgorodok, and Tbilisi State University Campus.
Professor Pier Paolo Tamburelli will lead the workshop for the Students of TU Wien and GTU with TU Wien tutors and their Georgian colleagues.

Teachers and students will visit three sites in Tbilisi - examples of Soviet Modernist planning and architecture — the former VDNKH exhibition space (Expo Georgia), Akademgorodok, and the Tbilisi State University Campus. After the visit, students will collect and display the materials as a pin-up presentation at the GTU, with a round table discussion afterward.
Collection and systematization of field studies
Inventory of the site/block, fixing what is happening, pointing out characteristic details
Atlas of the First Observations: the former VDNKH exhibition space (Expo Georgia), Akademgorodok, and the State University Campus


Levan Asabashvili In 2003, Levan graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, and in 2009, he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Delft College of Technology. Since 2009, he has been a co-founder of the organization "Urban Reactor", whose aim is to research the developed environment and disseminate critical knowledge on the subject. Since 2012 the organization "" is co-founder of "Georgia", an international organization "" local branch. Since 2016 he is co-founder of the company "Architecture Workshop", where he deals with design. Since 2022 he is a PhD student at Georgian Technical University. His research interests include the history of Soviet architecture, the influence of social, economic and political processes on architecture, the emergence of the Soviet and post-Soviet anti-modernist movement.
Davit Bostanashvili Since 2007, Davit has been occupied as the teacher and, starting in 2013, as the GTU associate professor. In the same year, he became the head of the educational studio 'The Poetics of Architecture'. Bostanashvili is the guest lecturer at both Free University and International Black Sea University in Tbilisi. He is a graduate of the Architectural Faculty of Georgian Technical University. In 2007, Bostanashvili obtained a master's degree (GTU) and in 2011 completed his PhD (GTU). Davit Bostanashvili is involved in researching the semiotics of architecture and culture, as well as the modern world and the history of Georgian architecture. He is the author of numerous scientific research texts and three books.
Aleksandra Budaeva Research Associate. Studied architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Since 2023, she has been part of the research unit "Gestaltungslehre und Entwerfen" at the TU Wien. Aleksandra has worked for several offices, including 2A+P/A and ma0 studio d'architettura (Rome) and Meganom (Moscow). In 2021-2022 she was an architectural design tutor at the MARCH Architecture School in Moscow.
Nino Imnadze PhD in Architecture, Professor of the Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, GTU. Teaching in principles of Architectural design. Participation in regular International exchange student workshops in Istanbul, Florence on the theme “Ways of Urban and Architectural Development of a Historical District in a contemporary/modern city”. Head of the international project: “Development of the concept of a new public space (Urban Hub) in St. for Rustavi” with the participation of the members of the Bavarian International Architecture Union. She is working in a particular scientific field. The scope of research is Modern architectural concepts; Urbun Health, and new architecture in the historical context; Author of numerous scientific articles. Member of the Georgian Union of Architects.
Agustina Labarca Research associate studied architecture and a Master's in Architecture at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master's in Design (History and Philosophy of Design and Media) at Harvard University. Since 2023 she has been part of the research unit "Gestaltungslehre und Entwerfen" at the TU Wien. Agustina has worked in architecture, exhibitions, publications, and university teaching. She has practiced with Chilean firms, including GAAA and Amunategui Valdés Architects, and most recently as an independent architect.
Natalia Nebieridze Architect and Interdisciplinary artist based in Tbilisi. Her work includes Architectural and Urban Design, Concept Development Projects, Participation in various interdisciplinary platforms through Research and Creative Studies, and Artistic and Educational Activities. She is an author of the Research Project "Industrial Heritage Tbilisi", which was realised with the MUA Team (Architectural office based in Tbilisi).
Gerhard Schnabl Senior Scientist studied architecture at the TU Wien and urbanism at The Shenzhen University. Since 2008 he has been part of the research unit "Gestaltungslehre und Entwerfen" at the TU Wien, which he headed temporarily from 2020 to 2021. He also taught at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna (2017-2019). He is a member of the Austrian Chamber of Architects and Engineering Consultants and works as a freelance architect. Gerhard was assigned by Jabornegg&Pálffy_AXIS to coordinate and lead the transformation of the Austrian Parliament (2013-2023) and by Jabornegg&Pálffy_Vasko+Partner to manage the refurbishment and extension of the Salzburg Festival complex (2022-).
Pier Paolo Tamburelli Architect, the head of the research unit in Gestaltungslehre and Design (The Institute of Architectural Design at TU Wien). Tamburelli was one of the founding editors of the magazine San Rocco. In 2004 founded baukuh together with Paolo Carpi, Silvia Lupi, Vittorio Pizzigoni, Giacomo Summa, and Andrea Zanderigo. He studied architecture at the University of Genoa and the Berlage Institute Rotterdam. Before TU Wien, Tamburelli taught at the Berlage Institute Rotterdam, Harvard GSD, UIC Chicago, and Milan Politecnico. In 2018, he was a jury member of the XVI International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.


Gestaltungslehre and Design The Institute of Architectural Design at TU Wien

Akademgorodok, 1980's.
Credit line: Archive of Docomomo Georgia