Ubani is a non-profit institution that depends on your contributions to fulfill its mission. Your support, whether from individuals, companies, or organisations, helps us engage in research, digitise knowledge and make it accessible to a wide audience. 

By supporting Ubani through Patrons or Corporate Sponsorship programs, contributing to our special projects, or making a donation to support our diverse range of activities, you play a crucial role in preserving, creating and promoting knowledge about Georgian architecture globally. Your contributions enable Ubani to conduct research and workshops, fostering connections among professionals engaged in the study of Georgia's architectural heritage and the broader public. Together, we work to ensure that the extensive knowledge about Georgian architecture is preserved and shared worldwide.

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If you wish to support our institution's efforts in researching and promoting the architecture and landscape of Tbilisi through a donation, please don’t hesitate to contribute.

Patron program

The patrons of Ubani help us to remain independent, to preserve and share knowledge about the architecture and landscape of Tbilisi. They empower us to set ambitious goals and provide the means to achieve them. Our patrons not only support the core mission of Ubani but also contribute to cultivating a community that promotes meaningful dialogue among experts and practitioners, involving a diverse audience.

Patron benefits

As a valued partner, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Engage in strategic discussions.
  • Gain exclusive insights into Ubani's evolving initiatives.
  • Receive personalized consultations from leading experts in architecture and landscape.
  • Participate in curated events and receive tailored guidance from our experienced curators.

This presents an invaluable opportunity to connect with prominent local and international researchers, architects, and artists. Additionally, you'll have access to privileges offered through the Ubani membership program. Your patronage plays a pivotal role in spreading knowledge about Tbilisi within the region and beyond.

Corporate Sponsorship

Ubani offers your company a valuable platform for partnership, providing the opportunity to align your brand with the cultural development of the city and our important mission to preserve unique knowledge about the architecture of Tbilisi, while engaging future generations in this movement.

Recognising that each company has distinct goals, our sponsors receive a tailored package of benefits designed to meet their specific needs.