Nonuments of Tbilisi

Nonuments of Tbilisi

Ubani in collaboration with the Nonument Group is announcing an open call for participation in a research project Nonuments of Tbilisi.
Nonuments of Tbilisi

The project will be realized in 2 phases, starting with research trips to selected Nonuments with Martin Bricelj Baraga, a co-founder of the Nonument Group. In one-day sightseeing around Tbilisi, Baraga will present the idea of Nonuments, the methodology of Nonument Group, and an in situ exhibition of previous Nonuments from Central Europe. This initiative will continue in September with a workshop on these selected Nonuments (and some others that we will decide on collectively).

What is a nonument?

“Nonuments” are twentieth-century architecture, monuments, public spaces, and infrastructural projects that have lost or undergone a shift in symbolic meaning as a consequence of political and social changes.

Locations to visit
  • Lotkini Memorial
  • Obelisk for Perished Workers
  • Archeology Museum
  • Installation Shakhta
Tour Day
June 25, 2024
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Open call details

Who can apply
We are looking for professionals from the fields of Architecture, Art, Public space, Journalists, as well as curious individuals and urban explorers, who wish to be part of this ongoing research initiative.
How to participate
To participate please send us your CV and a few words about yourself with the subject line "Open call: Nonuments in Tbilisi".

Email: info@ubani,center

Please let us know also if you have a car and can join the research trip with your vehicle and can accept someone else from the group.
Deadline for Applications
June 20, 2024

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Credit line: Lotkin Memorial, photo by Martin Bricelj Baraga, 2022